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Typical social (community    and personal) problems    addressed by TIA:
violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, other addictions, road rage, office rage, bullying, homelessness, teenage rebellion, thrill-seeking and depression, major crime, even illiteracy, high divorce rates and personal problems that lead to neuroses, bankruptcy or emotional breakdowns.


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Summer Morning

          Current Commentary

So, This Is What We Have Come To

I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.
- Jack Kerouac, American novelist and poet (1922-1969)

If you are confused about your world, don’t be alarmed. You have every right to be confused. Indeed, you are obliged to be confused. Many official agencies and industries around you work constantly to keep you confused, thus helpless.

Our world no longer makes any sense. Bear with me as this is not a rant.

The confusion is worldwide. It is in effect in almost every culture, especially those that depend largely on modern developments and values.

We have legal systems whose purpose is ostensibly to determine the guilt or innocence of accused individuals, but whose primary function in fact is to decide which attorney or barrister is the more effective debater.

The best debaters are invariably the most expensive and never public defenders for those who can’t afford their own defence, so the poorer you are the less likely you will be able to be found not guilty, no matter what the facts may be.

Among large legal offices, the lawyers most likely to be made partner are those who are best able to accumulate “billable hours.” In other words, the most notable attorneys are those who are able to drag cases out so their firm can charge the most money.

We have medical systems where doctors receive almost no training in how to make patients well and healthy but mostly on how to make them dependent on medications that will keep them coming back and keep their pharmaceutical company sponsors happy and rolling in profits. Yes, sponsors as many doctors profit greatly from payments made to them by pharmaceutical companies that make the most popular medications.

In some jurisdictions doctors are forbidden from advising patients about treatments that do not directly profit other members of the medical community. In California, for example, a family doctor may not advise a cancer treatment other than chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. The doctor may be charged and have his or her licence revoked for advising any treatment other than those three, each of which is invasive and harmful.

We have pharmaceutical companies who not only bribe doctors (their “pushers”) they bribe politicians to pass laws and regulations that benefit the bottom lines of the pharmaceutical companies, irrespective of the effects it has on the health of patients. An excellent example is vaccines for children. In many jurisdictions children are required to have dozens of vaccines before they are allowed into school. The interactions of these vaccine combinations and their effectiveness are never tested. Yes, never. Sometimes the effectiveness of vaccines themselves are not tested.

Many governments now pay pharmaceutical companies to provide free flu vaccines to people of all ages each year. This year in the USA the common flu vaccine has been proven to be only 10% effective. Almost all of the people who have died from the flu this year were vaccinated against the flu. Because of lack of testing and recording among doctors, no one knows the other negative effects the flu vaccines have on patients. We have only anecdotal records and the medical community and politicians pay little attention to them.

Parents whose children have had the MMR vaccine rage against other parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. No one can explain why a parent believes their vaccinated child should be at risk for measles, mumps and rubella from another children who has not been vaccinated. Do the parents not trust the vaccines they have subjected their children to? In fact, it happens all too frequently that a vaccinated child gets the disease against which the child has been vaccinated. Again, testing of the vaccines does not include other health effects.

Children do get measles. Studies have shown sometimes that the children most likely to get measles are those who have been vaccinated against measles. Their parents inevitably blame the parents of the unvaccinated kids. As a child I had measles twice and my mother didn’t blame anyone. She just put it down to another childhood disease.

We have supermarkets whose shelves and aisles are filled with edible products that could eventually cause degradation of the health of those who eat them. Preservatives alone in canned foods act in our bodies the opposite way to what we want. Preservatives are designed to kill pathogens, microbes that cause disease. Inside our bodies they also kill the bacteria that comprise 85% of our immune system. Yes, you read that right.

The most harmful foods to eat are the cheapest, making them the most attractive to the poor who can’t afford to eat better. In turn, when the poor (with weak and compromised immune systems) inevitably get sick, they become a burden on public healthcare systems. That causes taxes to be higher. Politicians who want to keep taxes low will allow poisoned food (most “fresh” produce is sprayed with insecticides or fungicides--all poisons--while growing and before being presented for sale in markets) to be sold by their food industry financial supporters, then want to cut support for public healthcare (in some cases). That puts the poor at greatest risk of dying too young.

We have giant religious institutions that make stuff up regularly. Example: though no one from any religion can explain the nature of God, people of many religions regularly post statements about God wanting this, God disliking that, God will help you if you just believe and ask, and so on. These people boldly and carelessly speak for God. No holy book supports any of it.

The Catholic Church invented Limbo, Purgatory and Hell to keep its followers in line. It has recently backed away from Limbo and Purgatory and is in the process of eliminating Hell from its public statements. Some of its priests still condemn church enemies to hell. (The enemies do not worry.)

The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) have for centuries preached creation, Adam and Eve as unimpeachable truths. Now most are saying creation is symbolic and fits in with evolution, that Adam and Eve were just metaphoric symbols to help primitive people to believe in something they could understand. That was not likely the way you were taught.

The three basic flavours of Judaism--reform, conservative and orthodox--differ in their rituals and practices. As do the Shi’ite, Sunni and other smaller belief sets of Islam. They all preach peace, but they are all almost constantly at war or dispute.

Have you ever wondered why governments allow poisons to be put into drinking water (fluoride) and sprayed on food crops right from the time they are planted until they are sold? Or why they allow herbicides (such as glyphosate) to be sprayed on food crops when those poisons kill every living thing they touch (including microbes in the ground that make land fertile--they sterilize the ground) and they kill any animals that eat the primary victims of those poisons?

This is the kind and level of confusing situations that cause people to despair that there is any hope for the future of our world. In the United States the two most commonly prescribed medications are those that dull the senses and impair brain function. Yet cases of suicide and mental illness are soaring.

Should we just give up? No. One huge part of the problem is that the mass media love to report what is bad, negative and harmful, but seldom report the good. There is more good work happening in the world today than ever before in history. Good work in the world is at an all time high and it is expanding rapidly.

People care. People all over the world want things to change for the better. Many are prepared to take action.

The reason why most of the situations above are familiar to you is because they have become world causes. Just as sexual harassment and abuse of women has become a world issue recently.

These are all positives, not negatives. The world is in the process of changing like never before. Social values are changing faster than ever. The human species is evolving into something greater than it has been.

Don’t look at the upset caused by change and assume that it is the new normal. Keep your eyes on the goal, not on the disarray around you. The world, as always, is changing for the better.

Bill Allin is the author of hundreds of articles (all available free on the internet) about social change, how it can happen and what its effects are on all of us.

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