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Typical social (community    and personal) problems    addressed by TIA:
violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, other addictions, road rage, office rage, bullying, homelessness, teenage rebellion, thrill-seeking and depression, major crime, even illiteracy, high divorce rates and personal problems that lead to neuroses, bankruptcy or emotional breakdowns.


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Summer Morning

          Current Commentary

Arctic Snow and Cold

During this past night our temperature, under clear sky, dropped to -27 degrees. By 7 AM, before the sun appeared, the sky had clouded over and very light snow pellets were falling as the temperature had risen to -20. This was a snowfall typical of the Arctic.

By 7:30 AM the sky had cleared and the temperature outside had dropped to -24. The snow had stopped. This, too, is typical of the Arctic. Very little snow falling at one time and for a short period.

There was not enough new snow to bother moving off our lane or parking area. This too is typical of the Arctic, a little bit of snow at a time, with small accumulation each year before melting in the very short summer period of about one month in length.

The Arctic is receiving less than its usual amount of snow in recent years. That means there is less new snow to melt during summer. In fact, summer causes some of the old snow from the past to melt because there was not enough new snow from the previous season. Eventually, there is less snow (and packed ice) over the Arctic Ocean. Over years, the Arctic ice pack gets smaller because there was not enough precipitation during the previous year to maintain it at its previous level.

Global warming enthusiasts love this situation. They ignore the fact that there has been less snow falling in the Arctic, year after year, while focussing on the increasing amount of open water in the northern ocean. They jump on this as "evidence" of global warming. You will never hear them metnion that Canada, as a whole, has been colder than usual and has had more snow than normal for the past 17 years, Their reaction within the closed box in which they have situated themselves? "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" as in the old Chicken Little story.

Is our planet experiencing climate change? Yes, of course, as climate is never stagnant. It always changes and always has. Why is the atmosphere warming? You should expect that following the end of the Little Ice Age in the northern hemisphere, which began its end around 1850. Global warming fear mongers never mention the Little Ice Age. If they did, they would never note that ice ages take very long periods of time before their effects are no longer felt. The last major ice age, that ended about 10,000 years ago, took a few thousands of years before iots effects on climate were no longer felt. You should expect that a Little Ice Age should take at least a few hundreds of years.

Will climate change affect you in your lifetime? Yes, it likely will, unless you die in the near future. How can you prepare? For one thing, you can ignore the fear mongers. They NEVER have solutions because they earn an income from publishing fear scenarios, not from proviiding solutions.

If there is a massive die-off of humanity, it will happen in cities. City people don't know how to provide for themselves, such as getting food, if the food supply dried up and present supplies were needed to send to over 7 billion people elsewhere on our planet. You could learn to grow your own food. The information is available for your particular climate if you look for it on the internet.

Should you be afraid? Fear never solved anything. It only opens you to become a victim or dupe of people who would make a huge profit from your fear. They will try. They are doing it right now.

Buy into solutions, not fears of tragedies. Learn what you need to know to survive. If you do not, you should understand that it is your own decision. If the world food supply runs short because of climate change or because agricultural industries have poisoned food so much it is no longer worth eating and if you cannot provide for your own needs, you should know that you will live or die by your own decision.

No, you think, that would never happen. Perhaps not. But would you have guessed just a few years ago that agribusinesses would spray your food multiple times with poisons (herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers) and call it fresh and health, and that your governments would approve of this and allow it? Would you have guessed that your medical community would slowly but surely destroy your health so that it could create permanent and full time customers through antibiotics and vaccines that destroy your immune system?

Of this you may be certain, you will survive or not based on your decision. Make your decision today while you still have options available to you.

Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's                             Epidemic Social Problems


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