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Typical social (community    and personal) problems    addressed by TIA:
violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, other addictions, road rage, office rage, bullying, homelessness, teenage rebellion, thrill-seeking and depression, major crime, even illiteracy, high divorce rates and personal problems that lead to neuroses, bankruptcy or emotional breakdowns.

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                           NEWS UPDATES

Most of the news related to Turning It Around (TIA) and the TIA project to show the world how we can all help to make it a better, safer and happier place involves person to person communication of the ideas in Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems.

Readers of the book and supporters of the plan around the world have been using Bill Allin's archived articles at Scribd.com as a source for their information used in discussing TIA with others.


While this sounds like a painfully slow method to spread the word to seven billion people around the world, social change depends almost entirely on this kind of one-on-one contact.

Bill Allin has been one of the most popular writers on Scribd (spelling correct -- http://scribd.com) since its inception. Every day from 4500 to 5000 people read his articles on that service alone. Most relate to the TIA concept and all refer back to this web site and the TIA group at Yahoo.

One of the most popular articles Bill Allin contributed to Scribd.com has been a hit since the day it came out.That article is called Why Intelligent People Tend To Be Unhappy. You can read that article at http://www.scribd.com/doc/8778/Why-Intelligent-People-Tend-To-Be-Unhappy

Click on Show Detailed Analytics at the bottom of the screen to see how widespread the readership of this article has been.

You can read all of Bill Allin's Scribd articles from his Scribd home page at http://www.scribd.com/people/view/41

Most of the work that Bill Allin has been doing in recent months involves writing articles to inspire people around the world to come together in their respective countries to implement the Turning It Around plan. Before that can be done, more people need to know that many of the community and national problems and a goodly number of the personal problems that trouble them can be solved.

They need to know that there is a workable and cheap solution before they can feel that hope is real. They need to believe in themselves and their own power to make change come about.

In many places that also involves persuading people that change can happen without a revolution, without risk to the authorities of government, without risk to their own lives and those of their family members and friends.

There is no such risk because the whole Turning It Around plan revolves around finding issues that everyone (or almost everyone) in their community or country agrees with. Turning It Around will make a governing power more popular, not increase the risk that people will want it out. Turning It Around is a uniting force, not a divisive one.

The locations where these articles are published are available elsewhere in this site. Look for Bill Allin's blogs (where articles are also posted). Articles are published to article sites that are accessed by many thousands of people (even millions in some cases) daily.

The TIA message is getting around. Turning It Around is becoming better known and Bill Allin, as its author, gains great influence to spread the power of the message daily.

While you are at the Scribd site reading the article on intelligence (follow the link from the article title above), click on "Builder" in the upper right corner of the page to find where many other articles written by Bill Allin and promoting Turning It Around are available. Bookmark that page if you want to read more.

Below is a list of countries that Scribd servers have recorded as having accessed Bill Allin's articles. As every article ends with a signature line that promotes Turning It Around, you may be certain that people all over the world have been reading the same site where you are now.

This list is only a partial one as about 200 countries and territories in all parts of the world have read about TIA. The Turning It Around message has touched at least a few people in almost every country in the world.

USA, France, Philippines, Australia, Great Britain, Italy, India, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Greece, South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, China, Slovenia, Malaysia, South Korea, Slovak Republic, Netherlands, Indonesia, Ukraine, Egypt, Russian Federation, Romania, Peru, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands Antilles, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Kuwait, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Taiwan, Portugal, Vietnam, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Guam (USA), Spain, New Zealand, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Mexico, Bahrain, Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, Pakistan, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Israel, Qatar, Czech Republic, Austria, Botswana, Kenya, Switzerland, Nigeria, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Mauritius, Oman, Croatia, Cyprus, Nepal, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Honduras, Latvia, Bulgaria, European Union, Malta, Panama, Chile, Macedonia, Grenada, Georgia, Bhutan, Macau, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, Belarus, Costa Rica, Cape Verde, Albania, Morocco, Uruguay, Jordan, Brunei Darussalam, Virgin Islands (USA), Armenia, Bolivia, Zimbabwe, Moldavia, Paraguay, Maldives, Fiji, Bahamas, Monaco, Virgin Islands (British), Guatemala, Martinique (French), Cayman Islands, Ecuador, Antigua and Barbuda, New Caledonia (French), Saint Tome (Sao Tome) and Principe, Ghana, Bermuda, El Salvador, Cambodia, Kingdom of, Guyana, Faroe Islands, Luxembourg, Djibouti, Palau, Mozambique, Mongolia, Dominica, Yugoslavia, Myanmar, Principality of Andorra, Kazakhstan, Zaire, Yemen, Laos, Riunion (French), Syria, Tunisia, Madagascar, Barbados, Belize, Afghanistan, Azerbaidjan, Aruba, Nicaragua, Senegal, Saint Kitts, Nevis Anguilla, Mauritania, Liechtenstein, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, British Indian Ocean Territory, Algeria, Northern Mariana Islands, Cameroon, Suriname, Liberia, Guadeloupe (French), Benin, American Samoa, Sudan, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Gibraltar, Rwanda, Greenland

Getting the message out to the world is a slow process. But it will succeed so long as people keep telling others about Turning It Around. As with the one article noted above, where a few dozen readers spread the word so that over 500,000 eventually read the article, using word of mouth to spread the message works.

When you direct family and friends to this web site, tell them to read the News Articles section of the site (see the menu). And give them the address of Bill Allin's home page at Scribd so that they can keep up with his newest articles as well.

Thanks for reading and thanks for staying with us. We have a big job to do, but it's working.

We have archived on this site some of the articles Bill Allin has written relating to Turning It Around. You can find them using the News Articles button in the navigation bar.

If you find a problem with any part of the site, please let us know by by email.
Click here to send an email.

We continue our efforts to get articles about TIA in newspapers around North America. It's a tough sell because newspapers want tragedy more than solutions ("if it bleeds, it leads"). There are sympathetic parties in most newspapers that can be reached and they will be contacted eventually, once we know who they are. 

You could help by telling us who they are in your local area.
At heart, most newspaper reporters really do want a better and safer world, just like the rest of us. Internet reader sites have been very cooperative about and interested in articles relating to TIA.

If you know anyone in the media who might be interested in an article about Turning it Around, a speaker for a group meeting or an interview for a radio or television program, please let us know. We may be contacted at any time at this email address.

Some tragic events have been making the news lately in just about every city. If you think your city mayor might appreciate reading a copy of Turning It Around and if you are prepared to do a bit of work to get the book to him or her, please let us know. Mayors know lots of people and are often more prepared to spread good news than other politicians.

We need people to spread the word. Your help is important to the world.









Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems

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