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Typical social (community    and personal) problems    addressed by TIA:
violence, drug abuse, alcoholism, other addictions, road rage, office rage, bullying, homelessness, teenage rebellion, thrill-seeking and depression, major crime, even illiteracy, high divorce rates and personal problems that lead to neuroses, bankruptcy or emotional breakdowns.


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I was a bad father. Rather, I wasnít a good father. I didnít give my children the fatherly guidance they needed. Why? Because I didnít know what to do, what was required of me as a father, what was needed from me by my children.

Most young adults today have little idea what is required of them as parents, what is needed from them by their children. Nature teaches them how to make babies, but their communities, their culture, their society do not teach them how to be good parents.

The mother of my children believed that she knew everything she needed to know and could do everything she needed to do for our children. She also knew how little I knew about parenting. As a result, she poisoned my relationship with my children and me. Then she died.

Though my children were all that was important to me in life, I did not have the tools to show this to them. I had not been taught that by my own parents. Most of us, as new parents, know little about parenting other than what we learned from our own parents.

For some of us, those lessons were good, excellent. For most, they were inadequate. Our society teaches kids how to get good jobs, but not how to live full, balanced and satisfying lives.

When my relationship with my children ended and I had nothing but memories left from twenty years of parenting (some as a single parent), I set out to learn what children need. What I learned was shocking.

We address the intellectual growth of our children at school (sometimes at home) and their physical needs, but as parents we make only minimal contributions to their social and emotional development.

So we have major disconnects between many parents and their children. Social problems that most people blame on technology, fast pace of life, drugs and alcohol being available to kids even in primary school, and many other causes are really symptoms, effects, consequences themselves of a lack of development in social and emotional skills of our children.

Turning Around: Causes and Cures for Todayís Epidemic Social Problems sets out to address that deficit, to develop ways to teach young adults what they need to know to be good parents.

What they need to know to give their children the help and guidance they require to grow with enough social and emotional skills to lead happy and balanced lives.

Read the material available on this web site, including the first few chapters of the book. Then if you choose, but the paper book. An ebook version is available through the author (only).

The book Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems was specifically crafted to provide teachers and parents with the information they need to know to be good "parents."

It even has one appendix for teachers and another specifically for parents. TIA, as it is known around the world, is the essential guide for parents and teachers who want to fulfill well and properly their most important role in life, teaching children.

If we want children to grow equally as well socially and emotionally as they do intellectually and physically, we need to know what to provide for them.

The book Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems fills that need.

Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems tells what kids need--what they inherently know they need, even if they can't express their needs in words--not what adults believe that kids should be taught to prepare them for the workplace. Until we address the needs that children have for themselves, personal problems and the resulting social problems will continue to get worse, deeper and more abundant.

Despite it university paper-sounding title, Turning It Around is as easy to read as this page. The book is filled with information parents and teachers should know.

Most of our current community and personal problems can be traced back to parents and teachers not knowing the information in this book. It's time everyone knew this.

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"Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought."
- Albert Szent-Gyvrgyi, Nobel Prize for Medicine 1937  


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Turning It Around: Causes and Cures for Today's Epidemic Social Problems

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